We will be holding a meeting of the Chef’s Council for Julie Jordan’s District on June 27 & 28 at Newbury College. Attached is a campus map. Please park in the lot marked “B.” We will meet in the Mitton House. Thank you to Newbury College for donating the facilities for this summit! 

I have the following attendees confirmed:

Aaron Flanders, Wheaton College
Randy Sherman, Berklee College
Jessica Albright, New England Conservatory
Peter Metcalfe, Regis College
Mark Fichtner, Regis College (6/28 1-4)
Alex Fernandez, Newbury College
Adam Poitras, Fisher College
Chefs from Boston University will join us on June 28

June 27, we will meet at 8 am for continental breakfast and will begin our program at 8.30am. Our program will begin with a culinary overview of industry trends and open discussion on higher education and Aramark programming. From 10am-1pm we will team up in teams of two and cook a mystery basket for each other for lunch. The purpose of this exercise is to collaborate on innovative food delivery and flavor profiles. Teams will have access to a common pantry of produce, dairy and grocery items. A mystery basket of items will also be provided. Chef Mark Benanchietti, PCIII will join us for this portion of our program and will select a winning team. We will conclude the day from 2pm-4pm with a review of GOE, Channel Growth, and OpX menu resources. 

Your goal is to show us culinary expertise, kitchen presence, respect for proper food handling techniques and safety.  
Here is what we are looking for and if achieved a recipe for success;

  • A methodical approach to menu writing
  • Authentic approach to global flavors
  • Appreciation for simple, local comfort food
  • Creative on Trend approach to Presentation

The logistics and requirements for the Mystery Basket are as follows:
After a tour of the kitchen and a review of the mystery ingredients, you will write your menu and submit. The menu criteria is 3 Courses

  • an hors d'oeuvre or canape appropriate for an upscale cocktail party
  • non-leafy green, appetizer or composed salad
  • a plated entree with appropriate accompaniments, sauces and/or garnishes

Please serve (12) twelve identical pieces of your hors ‘derve on a cocktail platter and (4) four identical portions of each plated course to be presented one after the other in proper sequence restaurant style. You have up to three (3) hours to produce this meal. 

Please remember that Aramark places great value on the physical safety of our employees. Please come with your chef coat, hat, slip resistant footwear, and a cutting glove. 

June 28, we will meet at 8 am again for continental breakfast and will begin with a brief meeting. Jamey Lionette, Red's Best Director of Sustainable Seafood Program will provide a whole fish demonstration and hands-on cooking seminar from 9am-12noon. Again, please come prepared and dressed appropriately with chef whites and PPE. The fish we prepare will be served for lunch along with several appropriate side items available. We will eat what we make for lunch. After lunch we will meet from 1pm-4pm and work on our fall menus. Please bring with you a WiFi-enabled Laptop to access your site’s Prima Web.